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Our company was founded in 1989. Since that time, we focus on the development and manufacturing of media and touch products. Our team consists of about 15 motivated and competent employees. Cost consciousness, binding delivery dates, comprehensibility, creativity and enthusiasm are the building blocks of our company.Standort in Coesfeld mit Schauraum und Schulungszentrum

Our exhibition and training center is located at the Coesfeld-Lette site. 350 m² of exhibition space is used to show you our current products. You have the possibility to test the different systems in detail. In addition to the exhibition, further premises with an area of more than 300 m² are available for various tasks. Seminars and training courses can be held for groups of up to 50 participants.

Luftbild heddier electronic in Reken

Our headquarter, production and development are located at the Reken site in the village of Maria Veen. The building has production areas of approx. 800 m² and 200 m² of office space. The buildings were constructed in 2015 and occupied the following year. The reason for the expansion was the lack of space at the Coesfeld site and the poor internet connection at the time. Maria Veen is always worth a visit. Within sight of our company is the Merfelder Wildpferdebahn. Many of our visitors take the opportunity to explore the nature reserve with the wild horses after a business meeting. 

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Active Table - administration, production and development

The modern offices enable pleasant working conditions. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a view of the "Heubachwiesen" nature reserve. With a little luck, you can see the wild horses in the outdoor meadows. When designing the offices, great importance was attached to natural light. The rooms are generously cut and thus offer enough space for creative work.  

 heddier electronic GmbH Standort Reken


The large-scale room design with sufficient natural light was also a must in the modern production hall. This is pleasantly warmed in winter by a heating system located in the floor. In addition to the large production hall, there is another warehouse on the premises. This is mainly used for the storage of packaging material and other bulky goods.


heddier electronic GmbH Standort Reken

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Active Table - Exhibition and training center

The training and exhibition center of heddier electronic GmbH is located at the Coesfeld-Lette site. This was put into operation in 2016. In addition to product presentations, sales and technical training courses are also held. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the years 2020/21 the staff was completely relocated to the Reken site. Visits and events are now possible at any time by appointment. We are looking forward to welcoming you personally to our company.

heddier electronic Schulung

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Active Table - Our competences

Benefit from more than 30 years of experience!

heddier electronic GmbH is located in Coesfeld, Westphalia, since 1989. We are one of the leading manufacturers of interactive touch and multitouch systems in Germany. Already in the 90s of the last century, touch systems for public facilities and waiting areas were manufactured. The turn of the millennium - a time when smartphones did not yet exist - was characterized by public internet places. These were often located in hospitals, hotels and restaurants. We produced about 6000 devices and licenses at that time and led the European market.


In addition to ACTIVE TABLES, we also produce special touch systems. These are partly used in medical facilities and museums. The three examples below are representative of our work over the last years. 


Multiwediawand heddier electronic

  7 m long active wall at the Alexianer Clemenshospital in Münster/Westphalia. Sponsored by the Toni Kroos Foundation.           Photo: Erik Hinz


 Multitouchtisch Bach-Archiv

  Oversized multitouch table with Bach archive in Leipzig.


MUltitouchtisch DDR Museum

Interactive multitouch table in the DDR Museum in Berlin with integrated object recognition. 


Our ACTIVE TABLE is manufactured at the Reken site. The heddier electronic programmers have a great experience in the development of user-friendly software. Several hundred different applications have been created in the last decades. The ACTIVE TABLE for the area of rehabilitation and geriatric care is the result of a close cooperation with established care facilities and is permanently developed further.

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Active Table - What motivates and drives us


Aktivtisch im Benediktushof

  Happy resident at the animal voice guessing at the ACTIVE TABLE / Photo: Benediktushof Maria Veen

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